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One Bowl Brown Sugar and Lime Pound Cake

It’s the part of winter that I hate. Mostly dreary, dark and freezing cold. I am tired of being cold. I need sun and heat and something green. You know, like grass or leaves.

One Bowl Brown Sugar and Lime Pound Cake

I hate all these drab, short days. I suppose the days are getting longer now, but the cold and sunless sky make it hard to believe. So when Tim suggested lime pound cake, I figured at least it seems sunny and bright with all its limey goodness and maybe getting in the kitchen for a little cheerful cake making is just what I need. Read the rest of this entry


Caramel Latte Cake

It’s the perfect spring weather right now. Warm enough during the day to be outside without a sweatshirt but cool enough in the morning and evening to comfortably cuddle up with a nice cup of coffee or a latte. Of course, this weather has been a long time coming and still is about 20 degrees below where we normally are right now.Latte cake

Actually the relative warmth has only hit the past 2 days. Which was unfortunate for Tim & I and our planned hiking trip this past weekend. Read the rest of this entry

Brown Sugar Coconut Rice Pudding

Once in a while I like a bowl of rice pudding. It’s not a dessert that appeals to me very often but from time to time, for some unknown reason, I crave some. I think it’s a throw back gene from my dad, who adores rice pudding. (Sans raisin, which are the devils fruit!)Brown Sugar Coconut Rice PuddingOr I might have been craving this because it is sub-zero here and I need cozy desserts. Or it might have been that I had a lot of sticky rice in the pantry and thought this was a great way to use some. Read the rest of this entry

Cranberry Cake

Can you believe it’s Christmas Eve? I certainly can’t. Hard to believe we are hurtling toward 2013.

I am sitting by my REAL Christmas tree drinking some homemade hot chocolate and wondering if I remembered all my gifts and Christmas dinner ingredients. Lots to organize and remember during Christmas. But tonight I skip the cooking and baking and we go out to dinner. Whew!

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Momofuku Crack Pie

Sometimes you hear a lot of hype about a particular recipe. You read about it on a million blogs and cooking sites, etc. And then, finally,  you know you have top try it and see if it lives up to its name and the word on the internet. You don’t really believe it could be that wonderful. And then it is!

This is that recipe. . . . and trust me. . . it’s AMAZING!

It’s so good I just wanna roll in it! (Which is also the canine equivalent of saying, “This is AWESOME”.)

It’s so good I want to eat 4 pieces at one sitting, even though it’s so sweet I know that would create the need for an instant root canal.

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Brown Sugar and Almond Oatcakes

February is going to be a month of breakfast. Yup. . .I am going to focus on only breakfast blogging. Surprising because for about the first 30+ years of my life I didn’t really eat breakfast. Not that I didn’t like a good breakfast from time to time (or a sausage McMuffin to soak up a few to many cocktails) but I was busy and didn’t make time for morning food. Plus eating before noon made me feel yucky.

In my old (healthier) age, all that has changed. I always eat breakfast now. Usually nothing too giant. I’m not downing plates full of pancakes and sausage every morning, but some sort of sustenance in the a.m. is a good thing. Read the rest of this entry

Brown Sugar Panna Cotta

How was Christmas? Are you still full? Exhausted? Paper cut from all the unwrapping you did? Yup. Me too.

Now on to New Years Eve. (But I am so tired!)

Planning to party big for New Years Eve? I have no New Years Eve plans. Unless you call being cozy on the couch with Tim in our pajamas by 8pm plans. There may be some champagne. Possibly pizza or Chinese take out with left over Christmas cookies. Possibly this sinful Panna Cotta. Possibly me, asleep on the couch by 9pm.

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