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One Bowl Brown Sugar and Lime Pound Cake

It’s the part of winter that I hate. Mostly dreary, dark and freezing cold. I am tired of being cold. I need sun and heat and something green. You know, like grass or leaves.

One Bowl Brown Sugar and Lime Pound Cake

I hate all these drab, short days. I suppose the days are getting longer now, but the cold and sunless sky make it hard to believe. So when Tim suggested lime pound cake, I figured at least it seems sunny and bright with all its limey goodness and maybe getting in the kitchen for a little cheerful cake making is just what I need. Read the rest of this entry


Easy Chocolate Cake with Lime Buttercream

Another June birthday dessert. I think this is the last one I’ll be making this month. (My waistline is thankful for that!)Chocolate Lime CakeThis cake is so easy. A one bowl cake with a simple buttercream. The most work you have to do is zest and juice the limes.

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Limeade Cake

Last week was my Grandma’s 86th birthday. (That’s right, Grandma, I just shared your age with the world!) I made her this cake.

She’s a citrus girl. Originally this was going to be lemonade flavor for her but limeade is the what I remember drinking at her house as a kid so it seemed fitting to go with that flavor instead.

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Sarah’s Key Lime Pie

As you read this I am on a warm little vacation complete with beaches and fresh fish. Tim and I found the time and cheap airfare for a quick get away. We both needed to feel some sun on our faces and sand between out toes.

So I’ll share a little taste of Florida with you. Time for a key lime pie. This is the key lime I always make. I love the tart tang with the sweet chocolate crust. Yup, I prefer it with a chocolate crumb crust. You can make your own with chocolate wafer cookies or even oreos. Or you can take a shortcut as I did this time and use a store bought oreo cookie crust.

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