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Caramel Apple Pie

It’s November which means it’s the start of baking season. (Let’s be honest, every season is baking season for me.)

I decided to kick off the season with an apple pie. Pretty boring, huh? I know. . so I fancied it up with brown sugar, a streusel topping and a caramel drizzle.

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Momofuku Crack Pie

Sometimes you hear a lot of hype about a particular recipe. You read about it on a million blogs and cooking sites, etc. And then, finally,  you know you have top try it and see if it lives up to its name and the word on the internet. You don’t really believe it could be that wonderful. And then it is!

This is that recipe. . . . and trust me. . . it’s AMAZING!

It’s so good I just wanna roll in it! (Which is also the canine equivalent of saying, “This is AWESOME”.)

It’s so good I want to eat 4 pieces at one sitting, even though it’s so sweet I know that would create the need for an instant root canal.

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Sarah’s Key Lime Pie

As you read this I am on a warm little vacation complete with beaches and fresh fish. Tim and I found the time and cheap airfare for a quick get away. We both needed to feel some sun on our faces and sand between out toes.

So I’ll share a little taste of Florida with you. Time for a key lime pie. This is the key lime I always make. I love the tart tang with the sweet chocolate crust. Yup, I prefer it with a chocolate crumb crust. You can make your own with chocolate wafer cookies or even oreos. Or you can take a shortcut as I did this time and use a store bought oreo cookie crust.

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Roll up Pies

Thanksgiving is over. Turduckens have been eaten. No more pie till Christmas. Whew! Now the mad dash to the next holiday.

I mailed my Christmas cards out 2 days after Thanksgiving. I know. . .just smack me now. I have always done my Christmas cards in November. My goal is always to have them out no later than 12/1. This year I did them even a little earlier than usual since I knew there would be a lot to do for Thanksgiving.

Since starting this blog a little over a month ago I have kept it very secret. The thing is that a blog is very narcissistic. It’s me, me, me all the time. And as much as I wanted to muse about my time in the kitchen and share recipes with people, I was nervous about putting myself out there all the time to everyone. I am not that kind of gal. I like to keep my life to myself.

If you are reading this in the week after Thanksgiving  it’s likely you got a christmas card from me. My sweet and supportive husband has been gently prodding me to go public and he suggested I just put the web address to the site in my christmas cards. I decided that was a splendid idea.

So. . . .drum roll. . . ta da! I’ve officially gone public.

Since we are going to make it all about me now,  I’ll give you a little snap shot of my childhood. The Roll Up Pie. This is one of those go to images in my head when I think back on my childhood favorites.

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