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Key Lime Mousse

Guess what? We are still on vacation. Na na na na boo boo!! Just kidding!

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our tropical paradise tomorrow. Sadly, we will be thrown right back into winter. Snow, ice, freezing temps, etc. . Blah!

But, since I am still enjoying vacation, I am going to share another quick tropical treat with you.

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Brown Sugar Panna Cotta

How was Christmas? Are you still full? Exhausted? Paper cut from all the unwrapping you did? Yup. Me too.

Now on to New Years Eve. (But I am so tired!)

Planning to party big for New Years Eve? I have no New Years Eve plans. Unless you call being cozy on the couch with Tim in our pajamas by 8pm plans. There may be some champagne. Possibly pizza or Chinese take out with left over Christmas cookies. Possibly this sinful Panna Cotta. Possibly me, asleep on the couch by 9pm.

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Pecan Pie

A few quick words on pecans. Pecans are delicious. I adore them.

Most pies are yummy. (Maybe not minced meat or even pumpkin for me, actually.) Sweet and savory pies. I still have a memory on my tongue of a spaghetti pie my mom used to make when I was a kid. Yum.

Pecan pie is one of my favorites. (Right behind coconut cream pie!) Usually I only eat pecan pie once or twice a year, though. It’s a holiday pie for me.  And for years I have made it the same way.

I modified my regular recipe a little this time around with mixed results. As much as I love pecans I think this pie had a few too many of them. I enjoy the glop as much as the nuts in this pie and with this many nuts there wasn’t enough glop. But that’s an easy fix. . just back off on the pecans a bit.

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Iced Christmas Sugar Cookies

Aren’t the holidays exhausting? So much to bake, cook, wrap, decorate, mail, buy, etc. .. ..and still try to find time to enjoy the holiday in your own way.

I bake a lot. (ya think?)  Sometimes I get so involved in holiday baking and candy making that I have way too much to even distribute to friends and family.  Sometimes I spend so long in the kitchen in a single day that my feet hurt as though I have been wearing high heels in a 5k. (Probably not a good idea, by the way.) Sometimes my jeans feel too tight cause I have eaten enough fudge to choke an elf.

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Sarah’s Key Lime Pie

As you read this I am on a warm little vacation complete with beaches and fresh fish. Tim and I found the time and cheap airfare for a quick get away. We both needed to feel some sun on our faces and sand between out toes.

So I’ll share a little taste of Florida with you. Time for a key lime pie. This is the key lime I always make. I love the tart tang with the sweet chocolate crust. Yup, I prefer it with a chocolate crumb crust. You can make your own with chocolate wafer cookies or even oreos. Or you can take a shortcut as I did this time and use a store bought oreo cookie crust.

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Orange Cake and a Happy Anniversary to Tim

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Tim!

Two years ago today we had the most enjoyable wedding on the beach in Florida. It was laid back and just right. I’m so very happy to have married my best friend and an all around wonderful man. I love you, sweets.

And as unhappy as she would be with me for sharing this with the world. . . today also would have been my mom’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We lost her 4 and a half years ago. It’s been hard to not have my mom around. Tim and I used her birthday as our wedding date to honor her memory and make her a part of our day. It made me feel better to consider her a part of things for my wedding. I miss her everyday and wish I could be throwing her a huge birthday party for her 60th.

In honor of these two important people in my life, I made mini orange cakes with raspberry filling and orange buttercream.

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