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Roasted Spiced Almonds

Happy Tax Day! Hope you are already done with all that nonsense. Celebrate with a cocktail and some roasted spiced almonds. Roasted Spiced AlmondsI have a love of most nuts. Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Pine, Macadamia, etc. .   (fyi-It is ridiculously difficult to write a post about a recipe like this without sounding filthy! Keep your minds out of the gutter folks and I’ll try my best not to give you too many innuendos!) Read the rest of this entry


Granola Bars

Happy Labor Day! We partied yesterday. . today I lay low! Maybe make some more of these!

Remember how I told you about my granola addiction? This falls into the same category. It’s sticky, chewy granola. But in bar form.

I’m pretty sure these are a little like crack.  (Not that I’d know what that is like, of course!) You know. .they’re addicting. I feel a little like a dealer handing these out. Like a little free sample of granola bar to get ya hooked and then you’ll want more and more and I’ll start charging you more and more! BWA HA HA HA!

Diabolical, no?

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Middle Eastern Inspired Date Crescents

Every Spring there is a Middle Eastern food fair at a little church close to my house. I started going to this food fair with my mom and dad while I was in college. I think it was the beginning of my never ending love affair with Middle Eastern food. I could eat hummus on a piece of old leather with no problem!

The food fair includes delicious savory treats like chicken schwarma and falafel. But often the real highlight of the fair are the tables of sweet treats that all the cute little Middle Eastern church ladies must spend weeks making!

My dad and I just went to the food fair last week. It was so good I ate until I felt like I would POP! Hummus, schwarma, baklava, anise cookies. Mmmmmmm. . . .

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Homemade Granola

I love granola. I think I get it from my dad.

Especially when I make it myself and control the ingredients.

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Brown Sugar and Almond Oatcakes

February is going to be a month of breakfast. Yup. . .I am going to focus on only breakfast blogging. Surprising because for about the first 30+ years of my life I didn’t really eat breakfast. Not that I didn’t like a good breakfast from time to time (or a sausage McMuffin to soak up a few to many cocktails) but I was busy and didn’t make time for morning food. Plus eating before noon made me feel yucky.

In my old (healthier) age, all that has changed. I always eat breakfast now. Usually nothing too giant. I’m not downing plates full of pancakes and sausage every morning, but some sort of sustenance in the a.m. is a good thing. Read the rest of this entry

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