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Brown Sugar Coconut Rice Pudding

Once in a while I like a bowl of rice pudding. It’s not a dessert that appeals to me very often but from time to time, for some unknown reason, I crave some. I think it’s a throw back gene from my dad, who adores rice pudding. (Sans raisin, which are the devils fruit!)Brown Sugar Coconut Rice PuddingOr I might have been craving this because it is sub-zero here and I need cozy desserts. Or it might have been that I had a lot of sticky rice in the pantry and thought this was a great way to use some. Read the rest of this entry


Coconut Fudgsicles

Just a quick sweet treat for you today. Fudgsicles! Coconut fudgsicles to be exact.

I am a big fan of coconut and chocolate together.

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