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Seeded Wheat Bread

It’s quickly becoming fall. I do love the fall. . .but when the temps start to drop into the 40’s at night and it’s too cold to comfortably not wear a coat, I don’t enjoy it as much. Too chilly. . .and yet good to eat chili. Go figure.

The other problem with the fall? The food. Delicious but heavy. The weather starts to cool and I start craving heavy, hearty food to build up my blubber layer for winter. As if I am going to have to survive in the cold wilderness of Norway like Les Stroud. (I’m not. . .and I need to fight the urge to eat my weight in pumpkin donuts. I’ve got a tropical vacation coming up and need to keep my bathing suit figure!)

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Granola Bars

Happy Labor Day! We partied yesterday. . today I lay low! Maybe make some more of these!

Remember how I told you about my granola addiction? This falls into the same category. It’s sticky, chewy granola. But in bar form.

I’m pretty sure these are a little like crack.  (Not that I’d know what that is like, of course!) You know. .they’re addicting. I feel a little like a dealer handing these out. Like a little free sample of granola bar to get ya hooked and then you’ll want more and more and I’ll start charging you more and more! BWA HA HA HA!

Diabolical, no?

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