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Spinach, Lentil Salad

It’s summer! I only want to eat salad & ice cream. And maybe some popsicles. And I want to fry in the sun like pork skin!!!Spinach & Lentil Salad

It’s been a while since I last shared a recipe with you. I needed a month off. We have been MUCHO busy with sanding, staining & putting new railings on our deck, birthday parties, adding a retaining wall and landscaping to our front yard, perennial gardening, having house guests, having a garage sale, getting a large veggie garden planted, graduation & open house & all that is involved with that (step-son), etc. I’ve had little time or desire to bake unless it was for open house prep or a birthday treat. (Lots of June birthdays in my world.) Read the rest of this entry


Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus with Homemade Everything Crackers

Homemade crackers? Who do I think I am? There is a box of perfectly good crackers in the cupboard! These are better, trust me. Easy to make and they will impress your friends and family because not many folks think to make homemade crackers when there is a WHOLE aisle dedicated to them at the grocery store.Homemade crackersBe aware though, these are pretty addicting. As they were cooling on the counter Tim couldn’t stop nonchalantly wandering through the kitchen to snag a handful. No cheese, no dip, just straight up crackers. After they cooled I sealed them up in a Ziploc and then had to hide them so Tim & I wouldn’t eat them all before the shindig that I needed them for. Luckily I had enough left for the party and there were left overs! Yay! So what did I eat for breakfast today? Crackers & hummus. A perfectly respectable breakfast. Read the rest of this entry

Wheat Berries with Roasted Squash

It’s true. Once in a while I make something besides cookies, cake, brownies, etc.Wheat Berries and SquashI would like you to believe I live on nothing but sweet treats and chocolate but the truth is I cook regular savory food too. Daily in fact. I’ve even come to love certain kinds of squash.

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Roasted Spiced Almonds

Happy Tax Day! Hope you are already done with all that nonsense. Celebrate with a cocktail and some roasted spiced almonds. Roasted Spiced AlmondsI have a love of most nuts. Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Pine, Macadamia, etc. .   (fyi-It is ridiculously difficult to write a post about a recipe like this without sounding filthy! Keep your minds out of the gutter folks and I’ll try my best not to give you too many innuendos!) Read the rest of this entry

Cuban Cheese Ball

While we were in South Florida a few weeks ago we ate lots of yummy things, including several Cuban sandwiches. If you’re unfamiliar with the Cuban sandwich you’re missing out. It’s a pressed sandwich (think panini-ish) made on Cuban bread with roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and yellow mustard.Cuban Cheese Ball

Heaven in a sandwich pretty much. I make them at home from time to time but Cuban bread is hard to come by in the north so they are never quite the same as eating them in FL. Cuban bread is similar to Italian or French but it’s made with lard. The lard makes it extra yummy and also extra crispy when it’s pressed on a hot grill. Read the rest of this entry

Easy “Unfried” Refried Black Beans

I’m pretty sure that if given the chance my entire diet might consist of beans. And ice cream. And avocados. And brownies.

Ok. . . I’m not fooling anyone. I have way too many “favorites”. But I do really love beans. Of all kinds.

The bummer for me is that Tim is not a fan. He tried one little, itty, bitty, almost invisible bite of these and that’s all I could persuade him to try. Even though these are SO delicious and begging to be covered in melted cheese and scooped up with tortilla chips. Nope. Not in Tim’s world. He has about as much love for beans as he does for raccoons. (Not that we cook any raccoons around here but he might be more willing to try a bite of roasted raccoon than he is to try beans!)

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Seeded Wheat Bread

It’s quickly becoming fall. I do love the fall. . .but when the temps start to drop into the 40’s at night and it’s too cold to comfortably not wear a coat, I don’t enjoy it as much. Too chilly. . .and yet good to eat chili. Go figure.

The other problem with the fall? The food. Delicious but heavy. The weather starts to cool and I start craving heavy, hearty food to build up my blubber layer for winter. As if I am going to have to survive in the cold wilderness of Norway like Les Stroud. (I’m not. . .and I need to fight the urge to eat my weight in pumpkin donuts. I’ve got a tropical vacation coming up and need to keep my bathing suit figure!)

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Pizza Inspired Sweet Potato Cakes

I have a love hate relationship with the sweet potato. (Squash, too) I may have mentioned it already.

I am learning to like sweet potatoes. Tim’s a fan and I make them for him. They are VERY good for you. Super nutrient dense. So, I decided I could learn to like them.

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Pinto Bean and Veggie Salad

The heat of summer makes me want to go easy on the heavy cooking and concentrate on grilling and salads.

Of course, it also makes me want to skip dinner completely and just eat dessert.

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Couscous, Chick Pea and Basil Salad

We have a large garden at one of the local community gardens this summer. We have everything from basil to tomatoes growing. Everything is getting huge and already producing quite a crop.

The swiss chard is already out of control, as are the cucumbers, basil, peppers, mint, lettuce, radishes, etc. I have started utilizing some of the garden loot. This salad makes good use of my favorite. . .fresh basil.

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