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Blue Velvet Cupcake with Bacon Buttercream Icing

I am not a fan of red velvet cake. Don’t judge me.

The first time I had it was in my twenty’s after I moved to the south and the cake in question was made with several ounces of red food coloring and lots of Miracle Whip. Ewww.. . it was not good.  I was not familiar with the red velvet cake or people’s deep love of it and that cake made me wonder why anyone ever loved that red mess of a cake. It put me off of red velvet from the start.

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Sarah’s Key Lime Pie

As you read this I am on a warm little vacation complete with beaches and fresh fish. Tim and I found the time and cheap airfare for a quick get away. We both needed to feel some sun on our faces and sand between out toes.

So I’ll share a little taste of Florida with you. Time for a key lime pie. This is the key lime I always make. I love the tart tang with the sweet chocolate crust. Yup, I prefer it with a chocolate crumb crust. You can make your own with chocolate wafer cookies or even oreos. Or you can take a shortcut as I did this time and use a store bought oreo cookie crust.

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Orange Cake and a Happy Anniversary to Tim

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Tim!

Two years ago today we had the most enjoyable wedding on the beach in Florida. It was laid back and just right. I’m so very happy to have married my best friend and an all around wonderful man. I love you, sweets.

And as unhappy as she would be with me for sharing this with the world. . . today also would have been my mom’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

We lost her 4 and a half years ago. It’s been hard to not have my mom around. Tim and I used her birthday as our wedding date to honor her memory and make her a part of our day. It made me feel better to consider her a part of things for my wedding. I miss her everyday and wish I could be throwing her a huge birthday party for her 60th.

In honor of these two important people in my life, I made mini orange cakes with raspberry filling and orange buttercream.

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Favorite Things Party & Champagne Punch

Several month ago I read a post online about a ‘Favorite Things’ party.  Basically a bunch of friends get together and swap favorite things. . what ever those things might be. So last friday night, after much planning I finally hosted one. And it was fun. Like really fun. Not like a boring purse/candle/jewelry party that you sit through and then feel guilty cause you don’t want to buy any of that junk but you feel like you have to. None of that with this party. For me it was about having an excuse to have people over and stuff mass quantities of sweets and booze into them. I mean that in itself is fun. Planning the menu was all I could think about for weeks.

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