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Pumpkin Spice Ice Box Cake

Just because I am on vacation doesn’t mean I don’t have some Thanksgiving loving to share with you. This is a super easy make-ahead dessert that would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Plus it’s no bake!Pumpkin SpiceIt’s also my first and only foray into pumpkin spice this year. Enjoy it while you can. It’s not much to look at but oh-my is it ever delicious. Read the rest of this entry


Assorted S’more Suggestions

I realize these are not actual recipes. I like to think of them as serving suggestions. If you need specific measurement instructions to make a s’more than you need more help than I can give you. . .no offense, of course.Marshmallowy GoodnessLast weekend Tim and I headed out to camp again with a group of great friends. Or ‘glamp’ (Google it) as I like to call it because unlike the last time we camped, this time we were at a campground with showers and running water. VERY swanky!  Read the rest of this entry

Bavarian Apple Torte

Recently a couple of kids in our family went on a school trip to Germany. Which inspired me to bake. As most things do.Bavarian!

This is not difficult to make but I have to warn you it made a mess of my oven! Read the rest of this entry

Guava Cream Pastries

Today is very exciting. Tim and I are heading off to vacation. Florida to be specific. The Keys to be even more specific.

Our wedding anniversary is in a few days and Thanksgiving is right around the corner so we opted to celebrate this year by heading to the Florida Keys.

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Sugar Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Confession time. I don’t like cheesecake. It’s yucky.

Let that sink in a minute.

I know, I know. The horror! I just find it too. . . .rich, cream cheesy, dense, cloying. I could go on. Something about cream cheese in sweet stuff that I can’t get behind. Occasionally I run into a cream cheesy dessert or pastry that’s edible but usually not. (Actually there is one cheesecake I did like and I had it years ago. It was a pumpkin version that my girlfriend, R, made. And surprisingly, she doesn’t like cheesecake either!)

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