Assorted S’more Suggestions

I realize these are not actual recipes. I like to think of them as serving suggestions. If you need specific measurement instructions to make a s’more than you need more help than I can give you. . .no offense, of course.Marshmallowy GoodnessLast weekend Tim and I headed out to camp again with a group of great friends. Or ‘glamp’ (Google it) as I like to call it because unlike the last time we camped, this time we were at a campground with showers and running water. VERY swanky! 

Oh yea, and they also had apparent leprosy in the water at the lake so maybe not as swanky as it could have been. Kidding! What they really had was swimmer’s itch. Which from my experience is way worse than leprosy! (Google it-nasty) And yes, we were warned. Did we disregard the warning and get in the water anyway? Yes, as did everyone else on the crowded beach. Did half the group we were camping with end up with an itchy rash? Yup!

Fortunately, Tim and I stand up paddleboarded (SO FUN) most of the day so most of our water time was only thigh deep. (Except for a little dive one of us took off the board after a boat wake attack!) Even thigh deep was enough to cause the rest of my week to turn into an itch fest. We had a great time camping and SUP and kayaking though, so all in all the itch was only a minor set back. (Although enough of a set back that we will probably not be hitting that lake up again for a couple of years.)The Spread

We made some s’mores while we were there. Go figure. Well actually I would have liked to make even more of them but you sort of hit the wall after a few s’mores and you throw down your toasting stick in defeat. Before we were defeated we made some inspired s’mores so I am going to share them with you. We had an impressive spread of choices for the s’mores.The SpreadWe got creative. Graham crackers of assorted flavors, shortbread cookies, ginger snaps, assorted candy, green apple, cream cheese, lemon curd, Biscoff, raspberry preserves, marshmallows, etc. . . Raspberry dark chocolate s'moreFirst up, my girlfriend, R, put together a classic in s’mores form. Yum! She started with a shortbread cookie, topped with a square of raspberry filled dark chocolate. She added a well-toasted marshmallow and topped it off with another shortbread cookies slathered in raspberry preserves. Umm. . delicious!Dark Chocolate RaspberryMessy but delicious! I suggest this serving idea to you! (See-serving suggestions.)cinnamon green apple s'moreNext up a little number my girlfriend, S, put together. Start with a cinnamon graham cracker, smear some cinnamon cream cheese on it and artfully arrange a few green apple slices on top. Add your gooey toasted marshmallow and top with another graham cracker. Voila! Sweet and gooey and yet refreshing with the green apple.Green apple cinnamonI would say this s’more screams fall bonfire. How perfect! Apples are in season now folks!Ginger toffee s'moreI had some fun concocting a delicious s’more of my own. Gingersnap cookies with Heath bar. Topped with a melty marshmallow and Biscoff spread! To give credit, Tim suggested the Heath bar which is a favorite of his. It all went together beautifully.Toffee GingerMy only gripe-Heath bars and these particular cookies make an impressively crunchy stack to actually bite through.Lemon Meringue S'moreThis one we dubbed the lemon meringue s’more. R made this one and it is brilliant! Shortbread cookies with lemon curd and toasted marshmallow. Wow! And isn’t that the cutest little acorn-ish marshmallow you’ve ever seen?lemon meringueLove that lemon curd!Mint chocolate s'moreNow to be boring but delicious, Mint chocolate s’mores. Chocolate graham crackers, peppermint patties (my fave) and the required marshmallow. Simple but so minty and delicious! I love the chocolate and mint combo so this was a natural for me!Minty!Now I do have to tell you that there was one s’more I really wanted to make but in the end I forgot an ingredient. I really wanted a s’more with dark chocolate and salted pistachios. I was having a hard time figuring out how to incorporate the nuts though. Roll the melty marshmallow in them maybe? It’s on my to-try list. We also talked about using some crispy bacon on them or pretzel crisps in place of the cookie. On the to-try list.

Tim and I bought a jar of coconut curd at the grocery store yesterday and this morning I realized I had missed an opportunity for tropical s’mores!!! Here’s what I’m thinking-chocolate graham crackers, thin dark chocolate shavings, toasted marshmallow, thin sliced pineapple and coconut curd. Pina colada s’more! Yes, please. Eaten with an umbrella drink, of course. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before we camped. We even had coconut rum with us for the umbrella drinks!

Or coconut curd with key lime marshmallow. Yes, they sell  key lime marshmallows and Tim is a little in love with them. A coconut key lime pie s’more! So many ideas! So little summer left!


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  1. Mary from vets office

    These sound awesome! Gotta try some soon. Like tonight?

  2. This was so much fun!


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