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Chocolate Spice Valentine’s Day Decorated Cookies

Ok. . .a tiny, chocolatey, Valentine’s break from breakfast. . .although these would make a wonderful breakfast. These cookies are fantastic.

Once you add the frosting they are near to perfection. Iced sugar cookies are nice. . iced chocolate sugar cookies are THE BEST.

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Valentine’s Chocolate Cinnamon Almond Biscotti

Guess what? You’ve got less than a week to Valentine’s Day. (And these biscotti will keep until then even if you make them right this second. They are like the cracker of the cookie world.)

I used to work in the holiday/gift “industry”.  V-day was our biggest holiday and by now I would have been up to my eyeballs in pink and red hearts, ribbons, vases, etc. I do not miss the frenzy. Working all night, being too busy to even drink a few gulps of water, fielding last minute dudes who forgot the holiday until that very second, and once I was even seriously hard-core cussed out by some lady who was pissed I could not break a $100 bill for a $6 sale. People are nuts!

For years it was an unheard of luxury for me to actually celebrate vday. I was too exhausted, hungry, annoyed by crazy people, etc.

These days I get to celebrate as I choose. As leisurely as I want. It might mean making chocolate biscotti to share with a loved one. (It always means making a chocolate cake for my dad.)

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Brown Sugar Spice Cookies

I mentioned yesterday that lots of cookies were baked in our kitchen recently. This is one of the other cookies Tim and I spent our day baking and decorating. They are fantastic. A delight with or without icing. We used the same icing as we used on the sugar cookies.

I know some people are big fans of gingerbread. (Dad) These are not exactly gingerbread cookies. Just nice spice cookies. But festive and tasting of the holidays, none the less.  (And by “tasting of the holidays” I do not mean pine trees. Not delicious I assume. I promise not to try it, Tim.)

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Roll up Pies

Thanksgiving is over. Turduckens have been eaten. No more pie till Christmas. Whew! Now the mad dash to the next holiday.

I mailed my Christmas cards out 2 days after Thanksgiving. I know. . .just smack me now. I have always done my Christmas cards in November. My goal is always to have them out no later than 12/1. This year I did them even a little earlier than usual since I knew there would be a lot to do for Thanksgiving.

Since starting this blog a little over a month ago I have kept it very secret. The thing is that a blog is very narcissistic. It’s me, me, me all the time. And as much as I wanted to muse about my time in the kitchen and share recipes with people, I was nervous about putting myself out there all the time to everyone. I am not that kind of gal. I like to keep my life to myself.

If you are reading this in the week after Thanksgiving  it’s likely you got a christmas card from me. My sweet and supportive husband has been gently prodding me to go public and he suggested I just put the web address to the site in my christmas cards. I decided that was a splendid idea.

So. . . .drum roll. . . ta da! I’ve officially gone public.

Since we are going to make it all about me now,  I’ll give you a little snap shot of my childhood. The Roll Up Pie. This is one of those go to images in my head when I think back on my childhood favorites.

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