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Valentine’s Chocolate Cinnamon Almond Biscotti

Guess what? You’ve got less than a week to Valentine’s Day. (And these biscotti will keep until then even if you make them right this second. They are like the cracker of the cookie world.)

I used to work in the holiday/gift “industry”. ┬áV-day was our biggest holiday and by now I would have been up to my eyeballs in pink and red hearts, ribbons, vases, etc. I do not miss the frenzy. Working all night, being too busy to even drink a few gulps of water, fielding last minute dudes who forgot the holiday until that very second, and once I was even seriously hard-core cussed out by some lady who was pissed I could not break a $100 bill for a $6 sale. People are nuts!

For years it was an unheard of luxury for me to actually celebrate vday. I was too exhausted, hungry, annoyed by crazy people, etc.

These days I get to celebrate as I choose. As leisurely as I want. It might mean making chocolate biscotti to share with a loved one. (It always means making a chocolate cake for my dad.)

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