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Easy “Unfried” Refried Black Beans

I’m pretty sure that if given the chance my entire diet might consist of beans. And ice cream. And avocados. And brownies.

Ok. . . I’m not fooling anyone. I have way too many “favorites”. But I do really love beans. Of all kinds.

The bummer for me is that Tim is not a fan. He tried one little, itty, bitty, almost invisible bite of these and that’s all I could persuade him to try. Even though these are SO delicious and begging to be covered in melted cheese and scooped up with tortilla chips. Nope. Not in Tim’s world. He has about as much love for beans as he does for raccoons. (Not that we cook any raccoons around here but he might be more willing to try a bite of roasted raccoon than he is to try beans!)

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Mushroom Tacos

Sometimes my meal planning depends on what was on sale or what needs to be used up in my fridge. In this case it was a little of both. Mushrooms were super cheap at the grocery store and I bought 5 boxes so I had to figure out how to use some up.

Mushrooms really eat like meat. They are a good meat substitute and low calorie, too. My brother LOVES them. . . oh wait, no. . .he would rather eat a dirty sock than a mushroom. His wife loves them, though. So you know he has eaten his fair share of hidden fungus in the past 10+ years! (Forget you read that and stop scouring your oatmeal for mushrooms, J!)

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