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Wheat Berries with Roasted Squash

It’s true. Once in a while I make something besides cookies, cake, brownies, etc.Wheat Berries and SquashI would like you to believe I live on nothing but sweet treats and chocolate but the truth is I cook regular savory food too. Daily in fact. I’ve even come to love certain kinds of squash.

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Couscous, Chick Pea and Basil Salad

We have a large garden at one of the local community gardens this summer. We have everything from basil to tomatoes growing. Everything is getting huge and already producing quite a crop.

The swiss chard is already out of control, as are the cucumbers, basil, peppers, mint, lettuce, radishes, etc. I have started utilizing some of the garden loot. This salad makes good use of my favorite. . .fresh basil.

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