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I don’t make many cookies in the warmer weather. Oh, I make them, just not as often. The oven heats up the kitchen. I think most cookies are sort of winter food anyway. (Except S’more cookies. . . definitely summer cookies!Snickerdoodles!Plus, I tend to crave more fresh fruit (ie: pies & crisps & cobblers) in the summer. As soon as fall rolls around I want lots of cookies and brownies and heavy cakes more often. Read the rest of this entry

Salted Caramel Oatmeal Cookies

I have a working oven again! A week without oven usage just about killed me. We had a bit of an incident last weekend.

salted caramel oatmeal cookiesWhile preheating the oven last Saturday night, my oven heating element burned through. It was a bright fiery orb. Sort of like having the sun in your oven. So bright that after the flame subsided we had spots in front of our eyes.

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Mini Snickers Pies

A month ago I got a cute little Wilton mini pie pan. On clearance, of course. If you know me, you know I refuse to spend money on that sort of thing unless there is a good reason or a good clearance.

I realize that this sort of pan will not be used enough to blink at. I’m hopeful that I will find lots of reasons to use it and it will be fabulous. BUT, I am realistic enough to know that it will probably become one more kitchen gadget that I don’t have room for and it will live in the basement. It will end up a waste of money. And possibly a Goodwill donation two years from now.

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Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

It’s our niece’s birthday. Happy 16th, V!

A few lucky folks in her life may get her to share a cupcake with them.

I was tapped to make the birthday girl’s cupcakes. Several hours of my weekend were devoted to making 2 kinds of yummy cupcakes. I’ll share one today and we’ll talk about the other later.

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