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Strawberry Vanilla Cake

Last week we celebrated Sweet 16 for my little cousin, L. Cake was in order.

Strawberry Vanilla Cake


After asking the birthday girl what flavors she preferred I settled on strawberry with a vanilla accent. Strawberry season is upon us so there is no lack of fresh, sweet berries right now. Read the rest of this entry


Orange Pineapple Cake with Orange Marmalade Buttercream

Today is my awesome husband’s birthday! Happy birthday, Sweetie! I am a fortunate girl to have found such a caring, funny, thoughtful, hard-working, honest, AMAZING husband. He’s an all around fantastic dude and I love him more than he could ever know.

But. . . he is also sick and twisted. (Which, in all honesty, amuses me to no end!) His birthday request? A pinata. Ok, easy enough. More specifically a baby seal pinata. To club. Yes, a baby seal to club. See? Sick! Twisted! HILARIOUS!

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Stuffed Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

It’s our niece’s birthday. Happy 16th, V!

A few lucky folks in her life may get her to share a cupcake with them.

I was tapped to make the birthday girl’s cupcakes. Several hours of my weekend were devoted to making 2 kinds of yummy cupcakes. I’ll share one today and we’ll talk about the other later.

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Almond Cake

Almond cake doesn’t sound fancy. It’s not really. It’s easy to make with things you may already have on hand in your pantry.

BUT.. it tastes fancy! I made this a few weeks back for my aunt’s birthday. It is dense and chewy and buttery and nutty and fantastic. My own birthday is in a few days and I just may have to make it again for myself. It’s that good. (Except there are so many other things on ┬ámy ‘to try’ list. . .choices, choices.)

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