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Strawberry Vanilla Cake

Last week we celebrated Sweet 16 for my little cousin, L. Cake was in order.

Strawberry Vanilla Cake


After asking the birthday girl what flavors she preferred I settled on strawberry with a vanilla accent. Strawberry season is upon us so there is no lack of fresh, sweet berries right now. Read the rest of this entry


Strawberry Covered Chocolate Cupcakes

How about some pretty, spring-y cupcakes. All my flowers are blooming so it seems appropriate! These would be perfect for a spring birthday party.

Don’t be intimidated by my awesome flowers and bees. I can be sort of awesome. If you can’t fathom taking the time to decorate your cupcakes like these, they will taste just as good if you just slather the icing on with a spatula. Or just eat spoonfuls of the icing and forget about the cake all together.

Read the rest of this entry

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