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Maple Chicken Sausage

Happy Leap Day! Is this a celebration holiday? Maybe not, unless you have a birthday today.

But it is the end of February. . which means that (for the time being) breakfast food blogging is over. We’ll have a quick word on sausage and move on to some desserts next week!

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Breakfast Summer Rolls

It’s winter. I know this because we finally got some snow here in MI. It was lovely and now we can move on to summer. Spring is nice too but some summer heat is welcome now.

If I can’t have summer heat then I’ll make do with summer rolls. They are crisp and fresh and very adaptable.

These aren’t hard to make. HOWEVER, they will take you some time to put together. There are sort of a lot of steps here. . .ok not sort of. . . there are absolutely a lot of steps involved in making these. They are not speedy. But they aren’t hard. . .I know you can do it!

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Kale, White Bean and Veggie Soup

It’s cold out. I need soup. Preferably something not laden with heavy cream and tons of cheese. So I thought I’d whip this up. I make this kale soup once or twice every winter. And every time I make it I wonder why I don’t make it more often. It’s quite yummy.

I’m over winter. I’m over the cold. We haven’t even had that much snow but since the holidays are over, winter should be over too. I much prefer the heat of summer. Living in Florida for years taught me the beauty of a nice hot day. I would much rather be laying in the sun sweating then freezing under a blanket in the house.

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