Peach Fritters

OK, it’s a little past peach season. Not that you can’t still get some good peaches but they won’t be at the peak of their sweetness. Fortunately, these are fried (or maybe unfortunately for my jeans) and the peaches will taste delicious in this yummy fritter batter regardless of the lateness of the season.Fritter loveIt’s sort of an unspoken quest for Tim and I to try to find the most delicious apple fritter possible. Tim has a ‘thing’ for the apple fritter and I may lean toward other morning pastries but I still can appreciate a crispy bite of fritter perfection. Fyi, in case you ever have the urge to bring me breakfast – I lean toward almond filled croissants, cream filled long johns, coconut covered cake donuts and plain old raised glazed donuts.Until a year or so ago the perfect fritter was at a little donut shop on the beach in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. We still love the donut shop. I mean you can’t go wrong with the location and they make a mean key lime filled donut. Yes, key lime! (We used them as our wedding favors!) However, the shop has changed hands and the last time we were there the fritters were just not quite as delicious as we remembered.

Then we discovered a new donut shop a couple of hours from our house right here in Michigan. We discovered it well after midnight on our way home from a double feature drive-in movie. We had a long, late drive in front of us and needed sustenance when suddenly we noticed a 24 hour donut shop! Tim quickly fell in love with their apple fritter and declared it the new favorite. I’m not sure why all the good fritters are hours away from our home but I guess it makes it a special treat when we actually get them.Love the leaves!

Tim suggested peach fritters to me months ago. The thought of swapping the apple for peach made him SUPER happy. I let the idea marinate in my skull for a while. I intended to make them much earlier in the summer but every time I thought my fritter making week had come, I got lazy. No better way to say it. Sometimes I get exhausted just thinking about the baking I want to do.

I generally come around, especially when someone has specially requested something.  And let’s  be honest, aside from the deep-frying terror, these are easy to whip up. The batter is simple and requires no special ingredients or talents. Frying is scary to me though. I rarely do it. And whenever I do attempt it, I burn myself or the items I am trying to fry. Yes, I burned myself a little while making these. Not a lot. Just a tiny burn, but on my wrist where the skin is delicate and sizzles like bacon. Good times. I pushed through the fear and pain and was rewarded with a lovely pile of peach-y goodness. Be careful. I take no responsibly for your deep fry experience.

Also, the leaf and marigold arrangement in Tupperware was specially crafted for me by a darling set of young sisters who were easily entertained. 🙂 Thanks L & R.Perfect!

I have no doubt that this batter will work to make some apple fritters, too. Or pineapple. Or blueberry. Cherry fritter are on my to do list now, too. Cherry fritters could be COMPLETE fritter perfection in my world. Now if some else will just come over and do the frying for me!

Peach Fritters

1 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon

2 eggs

1/3 cup milk (I used almond milk)

1 Tbsp melted butter

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/4 cups diced peaches (About 2 peaches)

Oil for frying

Sugar, about 1 cup in a bowl to toss the fritters in after frying.

In a large pot with tall sides, heat at least 3-4 inches of oil over medium/low heat. I use my stock pot. You could also use a deep fryer. Allow oil to heat while you make the batter.

Dice peaches, set aside. Melt butter, set aside.

Mix flour, baking powder, salt & cinnamon in a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl mix whisk together the eggs, milk, vanilla & melted butter. Add egg mixture to the flour mixture and stir to combine. Stir in the peaches.

Once your oil is hot enough, about 350-360 degrees, add small spoonfuls of batter to the pot. I fried about 3-4 at a time and I used a 1oz disher to add the batter to the pot. (about a heaping Tbsp) Fry until golden brown on all sides, flip them once. Because they are small they will only take 3-5 minutes each to fry.

Remove to a paper towel lined plate to quickly absorb any dripping oil and then toss them in the bowl of sugar. Serve warm.


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