Movember Murfee

Happy Thanksgiving! Just a quick smile for you today!

MurfYou might know this is my beagle, Murfee. She is a fierce squirrel hunter, rabbit slayer and tiny bird smuggler. (She once stashed a sparrow in her mouth and then when I let her in the house she released the dazed and terrified bird in the living room so we could then catch it and re-release it into the wild. Fun times!)

She is about 10 years old and has had 2 knee surgeries. She is not the hunter she once was although her nose is as good as ever and sometimes a long walk in the woods turns into more of a sniff-fest than anything.

With “Movember” and “No Shave November” helping to raise awareness for men’s health, I was asked by to participate with Murfee and show our “Dog Beard”. If you are unsure what a dog beard is, check out a few folks with their hilarious dog beards here. So funny and adorable!

So Murf and I decided to get in under the wire while it is still November and show our support for a good cause by “posing” with our own dog beard. Let me tell you that it is not easy to get a rowdy little beagle to participate in such a photo shoot. Tim manned the camera and I attempted to get Murf to let me use her “beard”. She wasn’t not feeling compliant. We tried to do it out in the pretty falling snow. . no go. So we came in the house and employed a little treat motivation! With Tim holding a treat high we did the best we could. The result is not the best lighting but you do what you can with a wiggly pooch.

Movember!Our shot is nowhere near as impressive as some I’ve seen but she does have an adorable little snout! And now that we’ve gotten that effort in futility out of the way it’s off to tend to a Turkey on the grill! Have a great Turkey Day!


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