Favorite Things Party & Champagne Punch

Several month ago I read a post online about a ‘Favorite Things’ party.  Basically a bunch of friends get together and swap favorite things. . what ever those things might be. So last friday night, after much planning I finally hosted one. And it was fun. Like really fun. Not like a boring purse/candle/jewelry party that you sit through and then feel guilty cause you don’t want to buy any of that junk but you feel like you have to. None of that with this party. For me it was about having an excuse to have people over and stuff mass quantities of sweets and booze into them. I mean that in itself is fun. Planning the menu was all I could think about for weeks.

I sent out invitations instructing all my guest to think of their favorite product under $6. Then they had to buy 5 of that same product and bring them to the party. At the party each guest put their name in the hat 5 times and then drew out 5 other peoples names. We then went around the room and each person introduced their item and why it was their favorite. They then pass it out to each of the five people they drew. All while drinking champagne punch and eating a million bite size desserts. SO FUN.

Although, I think it was somewhat stressful for us to choose a “favorite” to bring. I personally chose what I was handing out at the pretty quick and bought them and had them ready. . . but then all these other great things kept coming to mind. Dang. SO I had to put some of those other things to use and make them prizes for a few games we played. Then I felt better. Whew.

Each person left with 5 new possible favorite things. There were some very creative ladies. We had everything from great smelling eco-friendly household cleaners, to slippers,  to caramel corn, to bath products. I wish I had thought to get a picture of everyone’s favorite. One gal even sought out clearance sales (she loves clearance. . and Target) and brought 5 purses that she got so cheap she was able to add chocolates and tiny wines to them. Pretty sure we all coveted that one.

The personal favorite I brought was a super versatile glass bowl from Ikea plus a box of Far East Wheat CousCous and some wooden spoons to round it out. You can see the bowl in the picture above with the popcorn in it. I love those bowls. I use them for everything. And couscous. . YUM. Wooden spoons are my go to utensil when cooking. . . do you think that is because my mom used to threaten to wack my brother and I with them as kids when we were naughty? (not that she ever did. . .it was an idle threat.)

The five favorites I received in return were; a Harvest yankee candle, a Burt’s Bees lip balm with a nail file, a bag of assorted fall goodies like candles and notepads, a body spray and a box of chamomile tea with some almonds. Little did some of the gals know. . .some of those things really are favorites of mine, too.

I made a bunch of little desserts for our spread including; snickerdoodle popcorn, 3 flavors of macaron, a peanut butter crispy bar dipped in chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie cup filled with cinnamon buttercream, a chocolate covered strawberry bar, cocoa brownies, oatmeal cookie truffles, cookies and cream truffles, almond date bars. I know. . ‘overboard with food’ is my middle name.

I also made 2 cocktails; Champagne punch and a raspberry lime gin fizz.

picture of punch and cocktails

Of all these delicious things I made I am sharing a boozy drink with you today. You’ll thank me at Thanksgiving when you need all the boozy punch you can get to make it through cooking a huge meal and navigating families.

Champagne Punch 

1 Bottle inexpensive Champagne (I used Andre Extra Dry)

1 can pineapple juice

1 liter of gingerale (I used half a 2 liter of Diet Vernors)

4-5 cups of Apple juice

Pour everything into a punch bowl and add ice or an ice ring if you wish. (I froze some apple slices into a little water that I poured into the bottom of a bundt pan. I got a very cool looking ice ring out of it. 

I’ll have to share the rest of these recipes soon. I’m still tweeking them.  They were all very yummy. I’m already plotting the next favorite things party.

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  1. I love the fork place settings!

  2. I wish I could have gone! It sounded like so much fun! And all those delicious treats on that table. Yum!


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