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Homemade Bagels

Let’s talk about something evil. It is Halloween after all. Let’s talk carbs. Ahhh. . evil, delicious carbs. I can’t think of much else that is more drool inducing than biting into fresh baked bread. . or chewy fresh bagels!

Bagels have been on my “TO BAKE” list for a looooong time.  So last sunday as I sat curled up on my couch with a stack of my most recent food mags, (bored to death with the football game my husband was watching)  a recipe for bagels caught my eye. I got up and went in the kitchen and started making them right then. (Yes, I sometimes just randomly run to the kitchen to bake something out of the blue.) However, I discover that my yeast was dead. . I proofed it for 5 minutes and nothing happened. But. . .I told myself maybe it had just been such a long time since I used yeast I had forgotten what it should look like . . . so I made them anyway. (You know when your instincts tell you it’s a lost cause and waste of time but you REALLY want bagels so you try anyway? No? Just me, huh?)  Uhhhh. . . yea, the dough didn’t rise. . the bagels sunk when I boiled them and after they baked they tasted ok but were so dense I could have used them as weapons. Such a disappointment.

Not to worry. . . I bought more yeast the next day and tried again.


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