Chocolate Almond Butter Cup

Easter is this weekend. I don’t generally get into Easter. . .except I do love the candy. . .oh yea, and I enjoy making up Easter baskets.

I don’t do a lot of baking for Easter or make a ham. You know what I do? I eat Cadbury Eggs. And I go to brunch at my Aunt’s and eat quiche and cinnamon rolls.

Jello is important for Easter, too. Nothing is quite as delicious as Jello Eggs! I have a a bunch of those molds that Jello sells to make egg shapes. I make a bunch every year. (Add some booze to the Jello! Now you’re talking!)

See, I guess I do have Easter traditions! Food related, of course.

I made some Almond Butter Cups that could be considered Easter candy cause I added sprinkles. Sprinkles make them festive and appropriate for a holiday.

These are super easy. Super delicious. Plus, they would be a nice addition to a brunch or dinner for Easter. Or you can hoard them in the fridge for yourself like I am.

Ok, Ok. . I’ll share! I guess eating a dozen large, creamy almond butter cups would be a bad idea. Maybe just half a dozen and then I’ll share! Compromise.

I’m not sure you understand how much I LOVE almond butter. These are way better than peanut butter cups. And I LOVE those.

Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

12 oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips

1/2 to 3/4 cup almond butter

2 Tbsp honey

Sprinkles (optional)

Mix the honey into the almond butter and set aside.

Melt the chocolate chips in a double boiler or the microwave.

Line a muffin tin with cupcake liners. Spoon a Tbsp of melted chocolate into one of the liners. Add a small spoonful of the almond butter. Top with another Tbsp of melted chocolate and spread it around a bit to completely cover and hide the almond butter. Top with a few sprinkles if desired. Repeat with the other liners. Refrigerate until set up. Store in the refrigerator. Makes 12-15


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  1. Yummy indeed! Good girl to share…..your uncle and I enjoyed with a cup of coffee.


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